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01. Nov 09

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Free software to unlock Nokia cell phones

Here you'll find a great collection of software to unlock a good range of Nokia cell phones. The possibilities of using this software is lef...

30. Oct 09

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Share your needle!

If you're into dance / electronica, DJdownload have just released a wicked tool to enable you to embed dance tracks onto your own website ...

28. Oct 09

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NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11

It has been learned that the National Security "Q" Group, responsible for security, has grown to an immense security and counter-intelligence ...

23. Oct 09

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How do I cure Bad Breath

It is horrible to be in a close conversation with someone then suddenly become aware that the person you are talking to has horrible smelling%...

21. Oct 09

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Seattle fire knocks out service to Bing Travel, ot...

A fire at downtown Seattle's Fisher Plaza has interrupted service at some top Web sites, including Microsoft's Bing Travel and

19. Oct 09

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Nobel Prize in medicine goes to ...

Americans Andrew Z. Fire and Craig C. Mello won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine Monday for discovering a way to turn off the e...

17. Oct 09

A V S - VIDEO Editor

Professional Video Editing made easy.. AVS Video Editor is full-featured editor for professional-looking Video creation and processing.

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CSDiff 5.0

Free file-difference analysis tool. ComponentSoftware Diff (CSDiff) is a free, advanced file-difference analysis tool for Microsoft Windows.

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AllNetic Working Time Tracker 2.2

Tracks projects working time. Tracks how much time you spend on different projects and tasks.

16. Oct 09

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World's Second Tallest Building To Be Green?

The historic city of Philadelphia hasn't been known for its skyline in a long time. Now, some developers want to change that with a propos...


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